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Honey Bee Wing Flutter Earrings

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  • This item is designed to be feather light and comfortable, gently fluttering in the breeze like a honeybee wing. This particular item is made of iridescent film, that displays varying colors depending on the angle, as well as wire, and vinyl.

  • The materials used to make this piece are sensitive to heat so, for example, do not leave in direct sunlight for extended (more than a few hours) periods of time or wear it while flat ironing your hair. Also, it would be best not to wear this while styling your hair as it would be in the way and hair spray and other products may alter the iridescent film if directly sprayed on the piece. To wash gently wipe with a soft cloth to remove fingerprints or oils. Do not submerge in hot water. If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me!