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Fairy Friends


Spark The Fairy

Spark the Fairy has been traveling the country playing her Dragon’s Egg Drum and spreading her message of love and appreciating the little things in life since 2015. She believes there is beauty in everything, and helps to spread that beauty with shining fairy hair sparkles, firestones full of unique fairy magic, and incredible stories to help rekindle wonder and an understanding of the natural world around us. In 2017 she was joined by her friend from fairyland – Sinbad. Together they are on a mission to show the world that everyone deserves love… from the smallest plant or creature, to each and every person they come across and more. They work diligently not only to entertain and lift hearts, but to teach others how to preserve nature and bestow an overall spirit of love, healing and kindness to all things living.


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Nightshade The Fairy

To quote a friend of mine, Bilbo Baggins, "I'm going on an adventure!".

The name is, Nightshade Elowyn Hollybite Tansy Oona Pumpkinnewt, but you can just call me Nightshade. I keep seeing pictures and hearing stories about all these amazing humans out in the world and I have decided, I want to meet these incredible human creatures! 

I want to meet you! All of you! So if you see me out and about please stop by and say hello. Be sure to capture our encounter on one of those hand held, instant portrait maker, fairy boxy, clicky clicky contraptions and don't forget to tag me, so that I can show off all my new friends to the folks back home.

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