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Custom Wings


My first step with any original design idea is to create a few drawings based on thoughts & ideas you share with me. I can work up a design from a list of key descriptors to give me a starting point & adjust the design through a series of drawings that I will share with you for feedback. Once we come to a design you are happy with we can talk about material (fantasy film, irricecent synthetic organza, other), size, & any additional details that would determine the cost of the project. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: You may share images for inspiration but, I will NOT copy another artist's work. I can use images to get an idea of a shape or color scheme that you like & prefer to draw inspiration from a variety of sources (butterflies, moths, winged creatures, fantasy, mythos) to create something original. Each artists work is unique & their creation process can't & shouldn't be duplicated. If you like their work but want it for less, I can not help you. It is a matter of respect for my fellow wingmakers & amazing artists who should never have their work stolen.


Once I have drawn up a design that you approve & the project is paid for (through Square invoice) I can order materials & get started on the wirework! I will share progress images as I work & check in with you to ensure the project is evolving into your desired creation. This process, depending on the size and detail of the design can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to complete. So, if you have a specific event that you would like them done before please start talking to me far in advance so that I can work you in with my other commissions. There are times when I am booked or preparing for an in person event that I will need to work around as well. I will do my best to work within your needs and prioritize projects on a fluid timetable. I truly love making dreams come true by collaborating with people to create something that they will treasure forever!

Here are my ballpark price ranges based on wingspan & detail:

For a small set (24-30inch wingspan) usually run around $100-$250 depending on detail level. A medium size (36-40 inch wingspan) usually runs around $265-$350, and the largest professional size for those that work as performers (4-5ft wingspan) usually runs from $400-$650.

To start your custom order go to the contact page by clicking the link below and send me a message.


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